Why can't I change my email address.

Requested and Answered by Admin on 28-Sep-2006 03:57

Why can't I change my email address.

Our site uses validation through email for new registered users.

For this reason it is generally required to ask a council member, moderator, or someone with Temple Admininstration privlidges to change your email address for you.

To change your email address, the steps to follow go something like this:

1) Ask someone with authority to change the email address for you.

2) That person will ask you to send an email to them personally from both addresses (your old one, and the one you want to change it to.)

3) If we don't know you that well, please don't be offended if we even require a reply from one or both email addresses. This is after all our primary means of identifying the identity of registered users.

4) Once we are sufficiently satisfied that the same person is in control of both email addresses we will then change it for you.

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