Is there a way to communicate by voice on the Temple site similiar to the text chat room?

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Is there a way to communicate by voice on the Temple site similiar to the text chat room?

Ventrilo FAQ
1. What is ventrilo?
It is a voice chat program, just like talking on the phone... except there is no long distance fees, and you can talk with as many people as you want in a single channel.

2. Where do I get it?

3. do I have to pay for the client?
No the client (The part you need to be able to connect to a ventrilo server) is free.

4. How do I install the client and logon to the server?
Double click the client install, it is all automated. Logging on to the server is a little more complicated. You are going to put your user name in first. The go to server, put in the name of the server (this is not where you put the ip in yet, just what you nickname the server). Under that is where the IP goes. The port should be default. If not, it should be 3784. After that, drop in your assigned password if you need one. After you have completed that, then you can push connect and you should connect to the server and you can begin chatting it up. To find out what IP you should use to connect to a server, don't be afraid to ask around.

5. Ettiquite.
There is ettiquite in the servers... be respectful, and when you enter a channel say hello, when you leave say goodbye, and try to be polite otherwise. Also use the push to talk function, because an open or voice activated mic is very annoying for everyone in the server, or channel. If you use the voice activated function, it causes alot of echo and feedback for everyone in the channel.

6. Temple members, please note that this FAQ as well as the voice system are a new rollout as we try to bring yet another asset to the Temple. Report any bugs, corrections or suggestions for clarification to this FAQ, or comments in general by posting a comment on this FAQ page.

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