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Ace Venom's chambers

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About me:
My real/legal name is Ace Edward Venom, not by birth, but by symbolic rebirth. I'd wanted to change it to that since I was about nine years old, and over the years the symbolism I've built around it has only come to suit myself & my path even more. I had it changed legally back in 2007 as a symbolic landmark to myself of all the things I've been, done, had to face, & eventually overcome.

I chose Jen'Ari Oborot for my Jedi name initially, not only because it is as much a part of who I am as Ace the Venomite (A life path/religion of my own design), & Ace the Jedi, but also for what the words themselves symbolize to me. The journey itself.

Jen'Ari : taken from what little of the sith language is out there meaning "Dark Lord"

Oborot : taken from the "book of werewolves" being a Russian word meaning "one transformed"

To me the words/name means "The Dark Lord Transformed", or another way of saying it is that though I have walked long and hard in the dark, I am constantly evolving (and striving to evolve) into a better me.

I have since decided to let that go, in favor of my legal name. I no longer feel any need to be reminded of the darkness I once lived in.

I'm currently living in Portland OR, and intend to stay here for a good long while unless I can find a good reason not to. I have lots of learning left to do here through several other avenues of learning. I am a life-long student of the Occult, & mysticism, and ritual magick. I have also studied and mastered Reiki, and I'm always willing to lend a healing hand where it's called for.

I joined the Temple of the Jedi force back in August of 2010, after reading the site for about 6 months & feeling a pull from the ideas presented herein telling me "It's time for a change Ace. This is what you need to get to the next step." Little did I know just how much giving this a shot in earnest would change my life.
After a year and seven months of hard work with my temple-master Tempest I earned the title of Jedi Knight on 3/27/2012, and then attained the rank of Master in september of 2013. I have since spent time training apprentices, and continuing my own learning.

A little about my teaching style:
I consider myself a Jedi-Sentinel, and as such I tend to gear my teaching style more towards those seeking to learn to be Sentinels though I would also be good at training Consulars as well. My teaching style tends to be aimed at achieving a balance between mind, body, and spirit.

I have a flexible training syllabus that I work from that requires a lot of reading and study. There are also a handful of experiments I require my students to try out for themselves, so any potential students of mine should be prepared to examine and occasionally work outside of their comfort zones.

So at the very least I will help students learn the tools to build themselves a decent spiritual foundation, lots of tools for introspection, and several methods of accessing the force to help better yourself and your environment. For my Sentinel specific students, I also balance all of this out by helping them impliment a physical training program of their choice.

I am also open to suggestions on other areas of training that the prospective student is interested in.

Lessons I've taught and article's I've written that are accessible to everyone:
Energy basics: Grounding, shielding, and charging

Crystal research A-Z

Individuality (The Birth of Being, according to me)

Chat about time/space & Now

Stress Management: Avoiding Burnout / Building resilience

Active listening

A meditation based off of the "yet" version of the Jedi code

Jedi Trained by me so far:
Poystarous - (Co-mentored along side Master Ahsoka Thunderwalker)

Nira Morgan

Brice Johnson

Currently training:

Cypher-Marger - (on long term LOA)

Jmantheman - (on long term LOA)

Silver (Transferred to Knight Nasien)

Quetra Chalam

TherrienXavier (on long term LOA)

Contact Info:
Obviously you can always PM me on the Temple in here.

My main e-mail address I use is: lordacevenom@gmail.com
My skype username is :jenarioborot, or you can typically find me by searching for Ace Venom (if you're going to add me as a friend on Skype, just let me know you're from the TOTJF as I tend to give the 3rd degree to people I don't know/recognize as to who they are, what they want, & where I know them from.

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