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The Custom Sabre Shop    Popular site Recommend site Reciprocal site
banner Lightsabre Resources
Offers a limited number of hilt components, and a nice selection of electronics for both EL and LED ...
Last Update: 2014/7/8   Hits: 367   Rating: 9.00   More Details

The Jedi Order    Popular site
Jedi Links
A site dedicated to the teachings of the Jedi.
Last Update: 2011/7/12   Hits: 366   Rating: 0.00   More Details

The Jedi Order    Popular site
banner Jedi Links
This is my website that i created that I ment as to be a website for jediism like the Temple.
Last Update: 2011/7/12   Hits: 138   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Our Jedi Pedia   
Jedi Links
Join the temple wiki / Archices and help edit add and modify articles. Currently under maintenanc ...
Last Update: 2011/7/12   Hits: 79   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Jedi Temple of Light    rss  Popular site
Jedi Links  :  Study Links  :  Jedi around the world
Орден Джедаев Храма Света. Независимая Творческая Гру ...
Last Update: 2011/7/12   Hits: 119   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Jedi Gatherings Group    rss 
Jedi Links
The Jedi Gatherings Group is the official offline group for Jedi Gatherings and discussion a real br ...
Last Update: 2011/7/12   Hits: 97   Rating: 8.00   More Details

Jedi Academy Online    Popular site
Jedi Links
Our Focus here is the study and development of the Jedi Philosophy. While we each may enjoy the vari ...
Last Update: 2011/7/12   Hits: 193   Rating: 0.00   More Details

JEDI Academic Lectures    Popular site
Jedi Links
This is an outreach project from JEDI - who also run the Jedi Academy. These are some of the lectur ...
Last Update: 2011/7/12   Hits: 111   Rating: 0.00   More Details

globaltolerance.com    rss 
Jedi Links  :  Jedi around the world
is the website that has so graciously requested and posted the first article relating to the Temple ...
Last Update: 2011/7/12   Hits: 48   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Temple Of The Jedi Order    rss  Popular site Reciprocal site
Jedi Links
The Temple of the Jedi Order is the nexus of Jediism The real Jedi religion of The Living Force ...
Last Update: 2011/7/12   Hits: 143   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society    atom 
Off Topic Links
This is really important to me. Check it out April
Last Update: 2011/6/12   Hits: 14   Rating: 0.00   More Details

jedi training chat room   
Off Topic Links  :  Jedi Garb  :  Study Links  :  Open Source Community behind the Temple Community
train to be a jedi with your master here
Last Update: 2010/2/4   Hits: 69   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Star Wars Space Forums    atom 
Star Wars Links
meant to be called jedi council site but i screwed up big time
Last Update: 2010/1/31   Hits: 16   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Star Wars Space    atom 
Star Wars Links
This is a great website for all who love Star Wars. Picture Galleries, Chat, Different Member Group ...
Last Update: 2009/2/13   Hits: 37   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Study Links
Steve cotter is another Fitness Guru. I highly recommend his stuff. He's MMA fighter and Kettlebell ...
Last Update: 2009/1/5   Hits: 24   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Dragon Door   
Study Links
This is the site for Kettlebells. I am a complete convert. Since I have added KB's to my training ...
Last Update: 2009/1/5   Hits: 14   Rating: 0.00   More Details

The Science of Total Training    atom 
Study Links
Alwin Cosgrove is one of the big names in fit industry. I really like the books of his that I have.
Last Update: 2009/1/5   Hits: 31   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Open Source Community behind the Temple Community
This is an excellent spyware removal tool. I run Norton and things slip through . This gets them. ...
Last Update: 2009/1/5   Hits: 15   Rating: 0.00   More Details

Ultranet Domains Announcement Blog    rss 
Off Topic Links
www.UltranetDomains.com Announcement Blog
Last Update: 2008/4/11   Hits: 16   Rating: 0.00   More Details

From West to East    rss  Recommend site
Buddhism Links
I am Bhante Kassapa, and welcome to 'From West to East'. I am a Theravada Buddhist monk,and curr ...
Last Update: 2008/2/5   Hits: 19   Rating: 0.00   More Details

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Wilkinson 1897 from Alkit?  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/16 13:03) 
Hi This is a sword marked «Indian medical service», and «Alkit Ltd cambridge circus London W.C 2». However, on the scabbard, if it is original, there is engraved «Wilkinson Pall Mal». Could i ...
1840 US light artillery Saber - help needed  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/16 11:36) 
I need assistance in identifying this 1840 US light artillery saber, the seals on the Ricasso have been destroyed, but the letter "M" can be identified at the beginning of one of the lines. ...
P1822 french cavalry sabre  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/16 7:05) 
Hi all! For sale p1822 french cavalry sabre made 1875. Wooden grip not original!!! Others see photos 150euro +pp Attached Images       ...
British P08 cavalry troopers sword ENFIELD made  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/16 4:01) 
I,m selling this P08 troopers sword.made 11/15 There was a ''post war'' gold paint applied which i removed In the right hands this sword could be turned back into a decent specimen. No rust and ...
Cleanest 1873 Prussian Artillery sabre Help please  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/15 23:34) 
I’m trying to run down the unit for this Prussian beauty 類Any help would be much appreciated. Also worthy of note is the interesting manner in which this example has been sharpened. I& ...
East Coast Tai Kai August 23-25 2018  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/15 17:59) 
Seibukan Dojo will be hosting the East Coast Tai Kai in Melbourne beach, Fl. Two days of instruction on topics from multiple styles of traditional Swordsmanship to cutting, gekken and two man kumita ...
Proof Mark  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/15 14:06) 
I have been unable to find what maker used a Proved over W proof mark. Can anyone identify? thanks
Request identification of knives / daggers / bayonets  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/15 10:58) 
Hi all, A have bought a few items, and some i don't know what are.. can you perhaps help me? Thanks a lot. 1. Two knives - are these trench knives, and are they from WWII. One is marke ...
Colichemarde with unknown marking  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/15 1:24) 
Hello everybody, my newest acquisition is a wonderful Colichemarde epee (ca. 1880 I guess). The blade is unmarked except for the attached marking on the tang. Now I'm trying to identify the forg ...
Can a rapier penetrate a human skull?  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/14 17:50) 
Just a thought I had while watching The Walking Dead. Now I'm sure no doubt the zombies on the walking dead are no problem.... people have used lots of flimsy things to get through a zombie head but ...