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I am Bhante Kassapa,

and welcome to 'From West to East'. I am a Theravada Buddhist monk,and currently residing in Buu Mon Buddhist Temple in Port Arthur, Texas. I am hoping that you enjoy your visit to the site. I teach Vipassana Meditation here at the temple along with a varied mix of duties. It is my wish that you will enjoy your stay, possibly experience a few things, and recognize the happiness that can be found inside yourself. You may e-mail me here or at bhante_kassapa@yahoo.com. Each of us is on a journey. We may lose our way a few times along the path but that's ok. You're here now, so breathe and peruse the images, read the postings and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. I hope that whatever we try to accomplish here on'From West to East' that our first goal is to acknowledge real compassion is for all people without exception. Secondly, we wish to to teach the message of awareness, mindfulness and charity of self to all people. Finally,we would hope that you learn to love yourself and have peace. Wherever you go, always leave that place better, for you having been there.

I wish you Peace.

Bhante Kassapa

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Evening Chanting&Meditation Service (2010/1/29 17:47)
Join us for our evening Pali chanting & short meditation service that happens every week day.
Selflessness and Selfishness (2009/11/29 23:07)
Buddhism is; in respect to selflessness one of the most unique religions in history. Buddhism characteristically describes ‘existence’ in terms of process and relation rather than an enti ...
Buddhist Peace Prayer to the Leaders of All Nations (2009/11/23 16:03)
Compassion does not belong to one faith It belongs to all. Love is not the possession of one faith It is the teachings of all. May all beings everywhere plagued with sufferings ...
Kathina Robe Ceremony 2009 Speech (2009/11/15 16:05)
Good morning and welcome to Buu Mon Buddhist Temple as we come together to celebrate one of the most important ceremonies in Theravada Buddhism. I am Bhante Kassapa and I welcome The Most Venerable B ...
Lamar University?Where Does Goodness Come From? (2009/11/6 9:34)

Thoughts on Self Love and Loving Others (2009/8/12 16:45)
Love can be expressed as a person?s capacity to care for, have feelings for, care about, treat with compassion and equanimity. It is the quantitative capacity to engage another being with the simp ...
Lamar University?How Did You Parents React to You Becoming a Monk? (2009/7/17 22:28)

Thoughts on Western Buddhism (2009/7/6 20:31)
My very personal quest is trying to develop a Buddhist sense about practice and monk hood. It goes past the learning of chants and practices of monks in far off lands. We can become bogged down wit ...
Vesak 2553 Address at Buu Mon Temple (2009/6/12 19:18)
This address was the thank you for attending the Vesak Celebration at Buu Mon Temple. This year’s 11th annual Lotus and Bamboo Festival was attended by over 3000 people and was held over the 6 ...
Lamar University?How Did You Find Buddhism? (2009/6/2 2:46)

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