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Alwin Cosgrove is one of the big names in fit industry. I really like the books of his that I have.

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The Invisible Touch (2012/3/6 21:26)
Marketing a service business (e.g. fat loss, fitness coaching, martial arts instruction, or nutritional counselling) is very different from marketing a product. For example – the differences between selling a fat loss product and a fat loss service are huge. With one – you are selling a hard product, with the other you are literally [...]
March Q&A (2012/3/5 15:34)
Q:My training partner and I are both physicians. We recently have started the New Rules of Lifting Program. We’re seeing some of the best gains of our lives — but we are used to doing more ...
Adjusting Training for Fat Loss (2012/2/19 12:14)
Q: What do you think of the current expert recommendation that when training for fat loss – the training itself doesn’t change – only the diet? A: I don’t think much of it. I k ...
It’s a free day! (2012/2/19 12:07)
Although the modern calendar counts a year as 365 days, a complete revolution around the sun takes approximately 365 days and 6 hours. Every four years, an extra twenty-four hours have accumulated, so ...
Are we really working hard? (2012/2/19 12:03)
I think there are definite parallels between work and fitness training. Over the past few years I think as a whole, in both areas, we’ve confused working “hard” with working long. Th ...
The New Results Fitness Diet…. (2012/2/19 12:00)
– AC
How to Change… (2012/2/17 11:34)
My friend and colleague Dr John Berardi presented in Long Beach (at Perform Better) last summer on change psychology. It’s not only John’s best presentation ever (and I’ve spent quit ...
Ten percent gone… (2012/2/10 16:41)
Ten percent of 2012 has passed already...
Should you stick to the recipe? (2012/1/31 17:22)
Guest Blog from Michael Boyle Anyone who knows me knows how much I like analogies. One area that continues to frustrate me is talking to trainers about programming. Often the conversation goes somethi ...
2012: 5% down, 95% to go.. (2012/1/20 16:55)
Today is January 20th. That means a little over 5% of the year has passed already. So let’s do a quick “goal review” or a Resolution recall. Are you 5% towards your goals? If your go ...

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