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This is a great website for all who love Star Wars. Picture Galleries, Chat, Different Member Groups and of course...Star Wars Roleplaying. May the Force be With You!

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The end is here. (2012/11/6 19:10)
Well, looks like the end is here. To anyone who reads this and wants to keep in touch I am on Facebook. Just look me up. Wesley McClung. My avatar pic will be the same as it is here. I'm sure to standout in ther crowd. ;) Hope to hear from you guys, especially the old gang. Later peeps.
MOST PRECIOUS MEMORY (2012/8/28 19:09)
I will take away something very special from this place. My memory of Kara Thrace. Kara was a truly loved member of this community and she is sorely missed. This site simply has not been the same wi ...
The End (2012/8/27 16:42)
It looks like the end has come. Sorry to hear it. I have had some fun times here and some not so fun times too. However, out of the bad times the most meaningful and the most cherished memories have ...
What is Role-Play? (2012/7/2 12:08)
Hello, my name is Vigroth, but everyone calls me Vig or Viggy. On this site, I am a Role-Player. Why? Mostly because it's fun. I've met great personalities with creative minds, and we can create amaz ...
More ^_^ (2012/4/29 0:03)
More projects to come in the future, for now if you have not seen our first film, Saber Brawl, you should check it out, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntURy11j4Dw
Star Wars TX-20 for trade!!!! (2012/4/19 20:17)
Hi, actually I try to get some figures for my SW collection if you are interested I have 4 figures brand new sealed unopened, for Commander TX-20 CW46 TCW and ready to be yours if you have Darth Mal ...
Thanks! (2012/3/9 18:52)
YES! We have 100 likes on our Saber Brawl facebook page!!! What an epic moment, not to mention that we also have over 1000 views on our first film, Saber Brawl, on youtube! You guys rock, please kee ...
Siri Tachi+ObiWan Kenobi=Inari Kenobi Tachi (2012/2/21 11:54)
"Hello, traveler, good day!"came a voice from behind a cluttered counter. "It'll be a good day if you'll give me a good price on these,"she replied, dropping the container of parts onto the only emp ...
Inari Tachi (2012/2/20 21:05)
complete name: Inari Kenobi Tachi. Guess that sort of gives away her parents. In Inari's life: Siri Tachi (her mom) leaves the Jedi Order at 16. She works as a smuggler. After the Jedi Purge(order 66 ...
SPAM!!!!!!!! (2012/2/11 16:45)
These spammers just keep coming back! Something needs to change to stop this. This site is not looking so Star Wars friendly for me anymore. I may just start using ForceBook...

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