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Visit   Buumon Buddhist Monestery - Port Arthur - Texas - USA Popular site Recommend site    rss Last Update 2008/2/5 0:13
Category  Buddhism Links
Buu Mon Buddhist temple, established in 1980, was the first Buddhist center in Beaumont, Texas. In fact, that’s where it gets its name. During its early stages, the temple moved to Orange, Texas for a few years and settled into its current location, in Port Arthur, Texas, in 1986. This building started out as a Baptist church, and became a Vietnamese Catholic church in 1976.

Abbot Thich Huyen Viet and his small congregation moved in, and after much remodeling and renovation, had built a stupa where there was once a steeple, and installed seven foot tall guilt bronze Buddha seated on the altar in front of a fresco mural of a Bodhi tree on a river’s shore. The dedication ceremony for the current temple was held on August 15, 1987.

In 1988, Venerable Huyen Viet started a garden that would become the jewel of Buu Mon temple. What began as a few bamboos, and a small water garden, today is a major attraction that brings visitors from across the state of Texas, and the U.S. to Port Arthur for our annual Lotus Garden Tour. In 2005, the Temple’s 7th annual Lotus Garden Tour hosted more than 1000 visitors over a single weekend. Among them were twenty Venerables from temples all over the U.S., city, county and state officials, Catholic, Jewish, and Baptist clergy, amateur and professional horticulturalists, Buddhist and Non-Buddhist.

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Visit   From West to East Recommend site    rss Last Update 2008/2/5 0:20
Category  Buddhism Links
I am Bhante Kassapa,

and welcome to 'From West to East'. I am a Theravada Buddhist monk,and currently residing in Buu Mon Buddhist Temple in Port Arthur, Texas. I am hoping that you enjoy your visit to the site. I teach Vipassana Meditation here at the temple along with a varied mix of duties. It is my wish that you will enjoy your stay, possibly experience a few things, and recognize the happiness that can be found inside yourself. You may e-mail me here or at bhante_kassapa@yahoo.com. Each of us is on a journey. We may lose our way a few times along the path but that's ok. You're here now, so breathe and peruse the images, read the postings and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. I hope that whatever we try to accomplish here on'From West to East' that our first goal is to acknowledge real compassion is for all people without exception. Secondly, we wish to to teach the message of awareness, mindfulness and charity of self to all people. Finally,we would hope that you learn to love yourself and have peace. Wherever you go, always leave that place better, for you having been there.

I wish you Peace.

Bhante Kassapa

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Visit   The Theravada Buddhism Web Directory and Portal Recommend site    rss Last Update 2008/2/5 0:10
Category  Buddhism Links
Sadhu! is a Yahoo!-like searchable web directory with links to Theravada Buddhism websites and material.

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