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Help identify antique dirk  from Sword Forum International  (2018/10/4 2:50) 
Hello all. Could this be a british naval dirk? I see too many photos of british dirks but I don´t see any like this? If yes, could you tell me how old is it? Thanks a lot Attached Images              
Sampson Werk S.G. 14  from Sword Forum International  (2018/10/3 22:11) 
Got this today, a rather hard to find WW I German bayonet. These were mainly issued to Wuerttemburg and Bavaria, but all units may have had these. A German PhD designed a new bayonet in 1912, eventually he found someone to make them, these are the so called Gottsho models with one piece grips, the same blade was made by Sampson Werk, but with a hilt easier to manufacture. Supposedly 10% were sawback. Either one is hard to find today. Sampson turning up more often than the Gottsho examples. Years ago, it was popular to believe that this design was for MG Units, since then documentation has turned up that indicates otherwise..Note that this model has the flash shield on top of the grip, some do not, and have never found out exactly why, other than it being designed for the GEW 98 and adapted for the KAR 98 later. Dale Attached Images      
British 1908P sword with interesting camo paint.  from Sword Forum International  (2018/10/2 7:51) 
Good afternoon gents, I have a question about a British 1908P sword color, it was purchased from the US several years ago, and having an interesting greyish color, which looks authentic , any ideas about the origin of this painting, has anyone experienced this color before? Thank you. Regards, Valentin Attached Images          
Original Bugei Bamboo Katana for sale  from Sword Forum International  (2018/10/1 9:38) 
Hey Folks, I purchased a Bugei Bamboo Katana from a fellow forum member. It is one of Bugei's original production lines dating back to when they were using Manchurian Rail Steel! It is an absolutely beautiful piece, however, as stated in the original post, there are a few minor dents in the Saya but no missing lacquer. The Tsuka is very nicely and tighly wrapped in black silk, as well as a full Samegawa wrap. The black Sageo has also been replaced with an extra long black and red silk Sageo (not pictured). The fittings are tight, as is the fit of the habaki in the saya. I have decided, (very grudgingly I might add) to pass it on. It has not been used other than to clean and oil it, and a few iaido draws. The nagasa is about 28.5" and the tsuka is about 11.5", I am asking $850 US via Paypal shipped CONUS/Canada. The buyer, obviously, would be responsible for any other charges (duty, taxes, etc.) Attached Images     &nb ...
Enfield 1868 Pattern Cavalry Lance  from Sword Forum International  (2018/9/30 7:28) 
I have a 1868 Cavalry Lance made by Enfield with Regimental Markings that is going spare. If anyone is interested please let me know via PM. Looking for £650. P.S. It is one of the best examples I have seen Attached Images        
FS Hanwei: Wind & Thunder swords  from Sword Forum International  (2018/9/29 10:56) 
First item: W&T Wakizashi: Used a few times on tatami mats all in a dojo setting. Had it for a few years. I think it should go to a good home now. Few light scratches on the blade all superficial. Everything else looks like new. Priced at $350 Second item: W&T Katana-blade and saya only. I bought this as a project blade. I was going to have it cut down and made into a wakizashi. The blade is functional and I cut with it a couple of times. I had it sharpened by a long time practitioner. When sharpen lots of sharpening superficial marks are left over. Thoes marks typically can be hydro polysh out. I will try to post and send the best pictures so a potential buyer can judge what you are getting. Price at $300 Both: PayPal preferred; Postage not included; will post pictures soon. If seriously interested I will email photos; Email me at: antonio.fabre@hotmail.com
Wanted: inexpensive tanto koshirae  from Sword Forum International  (2018/9/28 16:57) 
Good evening, all. I have been gifted a tanto that has been subjected by some ... person ... to excessive buffing to the point that there is no skin steel left, reducing it to a costume piece. It does have a bare tsuka with rayskin on it, and 3 seppa, as well as a badly peeling saya, but no menuki, no fuchi, no kashira, obviously no ito, and no tsuba. I would like to make it an actual costume piece, and so am looking for very inexpensive koshirae to complete the tsuka. Internal measurements of the kashira would be 26 x 11 mm; fuchi 30 x 15 mm, and the tsuba would be about 5 mm thick. Obviously, no antique items should be placed on this thing. Does anyone have a source where these things could be bought? Thanks. - Elmar
Is this a first empire officer sword?  from Sword Forum International  (2018/9/28 10:00) 
Hello all. I have doubts with this sword because the decoration is more elaborate than usual in the infantry officer swords of the First Empire, could you help me? I don´t know if this is pre or post napoleonic era. Thanks a lot Attached Images                
War time Prussian IOD 89 with dedication  from Sword Forum International  (2018/9/27 15:53) 
Gents: It reads; "Gewidmet vom Durchlassposten Aachen-West .26.Januar 1916." Dale Attached Images    
Tsuka-ito question,.  from Sword Forum International  (2018/9/27 3:03) 
Hi All, Was leather ever used to bind the handles of Showa period swords? Regs B

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