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Wilkinson 1897 from Alkit?  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/16 13:03) 
Hi This is a sword marked «Indian medical service», and «Alkit Ltd cambridge circus London W.C 2». However, on the scabbard, if it is original, there is engraved «Wilkinson Pall Mal». Could it be a sword produced by Wilkinson and sold by Alkit? I belive that Alkit did sell outfits to british servicemenn? Sincerely Lars Attached Images        
1840 US light artillery Saber - help needed  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/16 11:36) 
I need assistance in identifying this 1840 US light artillery saber, the seals on the Ricasso have been destroyed, but the letter "M" can be identified at the beginning of one of the lines. I believe this is an original piece, although The grip and wire are not original. Who can tell me some more details on it? Thank you Attached Images            
P1822 french cavalry sabre  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/16 7:05) 
Hi all! For sale p1822 french cavalry sabre made 1875. Wooden grip not original!!! Others see photos 150euro +pp Attached Images        
British P08 cavalry troopers sword ENFIELD made  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/16 4:01) 
I,m selling this P08 troopers sword.made 11/15 There was a ''post war'' gold paint applied which i removed In the right hands this sword could be turned back into a decent specimen. No rust and still having camouflage paint. Looking for 275 euro or best offer. Paypal or bank and shipping world wide Questions send me a pm Thank you Attached Images          
Cleanest 1873 Prussian Artillery sabre Help please  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/15 23:34) 
I’m trying to run down the unit for this Prussian beauty 類Any help would be much appreciated. Also worthy of note is the interesting manner in which this example has been sharpened. I’m guessing to slash through wool ?? Any thoughts? Attached Images  
East Coast Tai Kai August 23-25 2018  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/15 17:59) 
Seibukan Dojo will be hosting the East Coast Tai Kai in Melbourne beach, Fl. Two days of instruction on topics from multiple styles of traditional Swordsmanship to cutting, gekken and two man kumitachi patterns will be offered on Thursday and Friday, August 23 and 24th. A demonstration by the visiting Japanese and American masters will be Friday night, followed by a full day of Japanese sword competition on Saturday, August25th. Ocean front hotel in Melbourne beach with the Venue for the event right across the street. Please check out the details at www.Eastcoasttaikai.org . Several Shinsa's will also be held for active members of the Zen Nihon Toyama Ryu Iaido Renmei and Seizankai. Open to all Japanese sword practioners. thanks. Tom Smyth
Proof Mark  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/15 14:06) 
I have been unable to find what maker used a Proved over W proof mark. Can anyone identify? thanks
Request identification of knives / daggers / bayonets  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/15 10:58) 
Hi all, A have bought a few items, and some i don't know what are.. can you perhaps help me? Thanks a lot. 1. Two knives - are these trench knives, and are they from WWII. One is marked Puma Solingen and the other one A. Storz, Marienplatz. 2. A very slim dagger in a brass scabbard. German? 3.Two "Plug bayonets"... i think i found out, that the first one is not a plug bayonet, but a Spanish knife? .. but i think the other one is. A sign on the first one sais "England 1645" but i guess that is wrong. Any ideas on both of these?? .. Thanks. Best regards Morten. Attached Images          
Colichemarde with unknown marking  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/15 1:24) 
Hello everybody, my newest acquisition is a wonderful Colichemarde epee (ca. 1880 I guess). The blade is unmarked except for the attached marking on the tang. Now I'm trying to identify the forge/vendor and after checking every book I have and googling my brains out I'm not much further than before. So: does anyone recognise the marking and knows more about it? Or is able to tell me on which weapon it was also found? Right now I'm tending to think that the blade could be of Solingen origin because the entwined letters were used there. Thanks alot in advance and have a nice day. William Attached Images        
Can a rapier penetrate a human skull?  from Sword Forum International  (2018/1/14 17:50) 
Just a thought I had while watching The Walking Dead. Now I'm sure no doubt the zombies on the walking dead are no problem.... people have used lots of flimsy things to get through a zombie head but what about fresh non-rotting human skulls? Or even animal skulls? I have a Windlass steel rapier and I'd be sort of surprised if it can get through a head just because I can sort of bend the blade with my hands. It doesn't seem to stiff and ridged. I'd try to puncture a coconut but Idk if that's good for the blade? Anyways... what do YOU think? :ninja:

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