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Saber for identification  from Sword Forum International  (2018/4/23 22:05) 
Friends, I want to discuss here is such an object. In appearance, it seems to be like an English cavalry soldier saber arr. 1853 for light and heavy cavalry, but the size of the blade is slightly different from this saber, as well as on the blade there is no fuller, inherent in the sabers arr. 1853 year. Also on the scabbard instead of the upper ring under the pass belt, there is a peg (hook), with which the scabbard was hung on the waist toad (I think already someone's private rework of the scabbard, with the dismantling of the upper ring and the replacement of it on a peg). The saber is original, not an old replica. On the blade, as well as on the handle and scabbard there is absolutely no branding that would at least somehow catch the country to the manufacturer. Here is the subject itself: I apologize for the quality of the photo in advance - I did it under artificial lighting in a room on the floor, but all the main details are visible on them. ...
Indian Princess  from Sword Forum International  (2018/4/22 19:01) 
Along similar lines of Glen's thread, here is an Indian Princess with a shell guard that one might not expect to find on an Indian Princess sword...At least not from my limited experience. The blade is pristine with American eagle, etc. All thoughts appreciated.... Thank you! Attached Images      
VLC 3.0.2  from VideoLAN project - News feed  (2018/4/22 16:00) 
VideoLAN is publishing the VLC 3.0.2 release, for general availability. This release is fixing most of the important bugs and regressions from VLC 3.0.0, "Vetinari", and improves decoding speed on macOS. More than 150 bugs were fixed since the 3.0.0 release.
Interesting Naval Eagle Pommel Counterguard  from Sword Forum International  (2018/4/21 18:46) 
One might expect to see an Indian Princess pommel with this counterguard. With a lot of the silver wash remaining on this one, this is a nice pretty. Truly tiny in scale, this era and genre of the eagles make for a dress size sword. It would be interesting to find any at all depicted for wear aboard any vessel of the time. I would think not too difficult to place in time (Seminole wars decades). With Horstmann marked princess pommel swords out there, we know similar shell counterguard swords (Athena, typically) can run in time past the Mexican War but those late Horstmann swords must be definitely be targeted to the militia officers vs the 1840s regulations. Some more of this sword. A rather nice looking affair, especially the scabbard. Not a new acquisition of mine but definitely archived. Cheers GC Attached Images              
Wilkinson mounted infantry  from Sword Forum International  (2018/4/21 6:31) 
Just thought I'd mention my new acquisition as an illustration of the difficulties of identifying an officer from initials. 1895 infantry pattern Wilkinson with initials "C h H". The 35" blade is numbered for 1892, (around September if the numbers were spread evenly throughout the year) has an 1895 hilt. First glance through the army list for 1893 found a surprising 10 possibilies even discounting Militia officers or the possibility that the initials were in a different order. Discounting the artillery, engineer and cavalry officers left me with 6 candidates. Discounting officers who were gone from the lists in 1895 (when i presumed the 1892 blade must have been refitted with the 1895 hilt) left me with 4 candidates. Of these, 3 had 10 years plus service already and only one was commissioned in 1892 but in January, so before the date of the blade. So when the Wilkinson ledger arrived was it any of the 10 possible candidates? No, of course it w ...
Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword  from Sword Forum International  (2018/4/20 18:40) 
I recently came into possession of lovely current military regulation pattern Scottish basket hilted broadsword made by Windlass Steelcrafts. This is supposed to be a true military pattern officer's sword. The only downside, the grip/guard assembly had been taken apart to repair the felt and now the grip is loose and wobbly. I tried to find any video information on the process, but thus far, no joy. I think the cost of refurbishment would be prohibitive from what I've seen, so I'm reaching out to the community to get your thoughts on what I should do, going forward. Is there (for instance) a source for the felt and buckskin liner all formed and ready for reassembly? Once I have it apart, I could probably fabricate some form of spacer or washer to tighten up the grip but I would prefer to keep it at proper parts and specifications. Thank you for looking.
My Gurkha Kukri  from Sword Forum International  (2018/4/19 19:04) 
I was given this beautiful knife years and years ago by my ex-father in-law. He didnt tell me much about it, other than he's had it for a long time and for me to take good care of it, not to sharpen or alter it in any way. So, for the last 15 years I have kept it so out of site that I even forgot about having it. I now am curious of what exactly I have. The very little research has gotten me nowhere except here and for that I'm satisfied. Can someone help in uncovering the mystery of where it came from and who B.A. might be. That's the only marking on the whole thing. And it's in a wooden two piece sheath that the clip and one side are carved from on solid piece of wood. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Lance [ATTACH=CONFIG]150979[/ATTA Attached Images        
Sad News ref JPH  from Sword Forum International  (2018/4/18 10:17) 
Hello: I was popping about and I found this: Seems that Jim Hrisoulas is in a bit of a bind...he has run out of funding to finish his new studio down in Florida.. He has started a go fund me page https://www.gofundme.com/help-finish-my-workshop I know Jim quite well..he was my CO in the Nevada National Guard way back in the day and I will say that knowing him, things must be much worse than what Jim admits to..He is a very private, strong willed and proud man so for him to ask openly for aid? That means something is very wrong. All I can say is this..Love him or hate him..he has done a a whole lot for the custom knife/sword community and I am just spreading the word that he needs help. If ya all care to come to his said...Fantastic..if not..then please spread the word and forward his go fund me pages to as many folks as you can.. I am certain Jim will be grateful.. Just a head's up about a man who is close to becoming an Icon in the custom blade world... Vegas ...
WTB - 1897 Hilt  from Sword Forum International  (2018/4/18 7:04) 
Does anyone have a spare 1897 hit (guard and nut). Good condition preferred over a certain cypher. Thank you.
Sword conservation advice request  from Sword Forum International  (2018/4/17 9:34) 
Hi, I wonder if someone could help me with advice on treatment for this sword which needs some looking after. It’s a Hungarian estoc from around 1700. 1) The scabbard is covered in some sort of leather and I wonder if you could help me to identify what kind it is? It looks like fishskin of some sort to me. I read it can be treated by rubbing on a little mineral oil, or I had the idea to try Møller Tran codfishliver oil? If not fishskin I would try Pecard. 2) The grip looks quite dry and a particularly worn section rubs off dirt which I worry is red rot. I think the grip is covered in ordinary leather and red rot can be treated with Cellugel? Otherwise I would try putting a little Pecard on. 3) The guard and the pommel have some reddish thing on which I don’t think is rust. It looks like remains of gilt or some copper residue which has surfaced from the metal. Any idea what this is? I plan to put some mineral oil on the metal parts of the hilt, blade and the sc ...

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