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Will I alterà heat treat with this temp?  from Sword Forum International  (2018/7/5 1:53) 
Hi, Would heating a blade up to 130°c affect a heat treatment in any way? The purpose would be to adhere printer toner for an acid resist etch. The blade is from a gymnasium sabre for use in sparring. This is the info I have on the blade. Steel: 60S2A Isothermal heat treatment. Hardness: HRC 47-50 Thickness: 5mm Regards
FS: An 1827 Pattern Rifle Volunteer Officer’s Sword  from Sword Forum International  (2018/6/30 4:53) 
£185, plus postage. This one came into my collection with a Wilkinson (which I prefer) and so is now surplus. It was made by Robert Mole of Birmingham and so it is a good quality piece with a robust construction and, overall, the condition is decent but there is a small amount of movement in the hilt and only underneath the grip’s wire bindings has the shagreen survived. The blade is bright with the etching nice and clear but there is a section around the centre of percussion that has water damage. The scabbard is untouched by me and would look much better with only a little cleaning although it has a considerable break that definitely requires attention as only a very small amount of steel now links the two parts together. Sadly, such a repair is beyond my limited capabilities so I have left it alone for the next collector to repair. Attached Images           ...
FS: A Victorian 1897 Pattern Sword  from Sword Forum International  (2018/6/30 4:40) 
£285, plus postage. Retailed by Flight, I'm certain that this is a Henry Wilkinson trade sword (due to the quality, the proof slug and Flight's record for buying from HW). Queen Victoria’s cypher is present on the hilt and blade, with the blade's being the mirrored version. The matching scabbard is in decent condition with really good plating on the mounts (it is the type without a wooden core). The blade is tight in the hilt and in good condition with only a little speckling - as shown in the snaps. The etching is nice and clear. This is a decent, early 1897 Pattern. Over 18s only. Attached Images              
Senso no Kami, custom made katana, steel K120C, PRISTINE  from Sword Forum International  (2018/6/29 15:51) 
Hello, unfortunately, circumstances in life never stay the same and I have to part with several precious items from my collection. One of them is a unique custom build katana, named Senso no Kami. It is an awesome piece, created by the respectable Salvatori Moretto several years ago. This katana uses Hanwei Kami as a base and upgrades from there, with a very unusual yet trilling koshirae. The overall aesthetics are memorable! Sword is as pristine as I received it once upon a time. Never cut with, still razor sharp and unworn. Hada is strong, and hamon/hira/shinogi contrast is really pronounced and good looking. Steel is Swedish powdered K120C with traditional clay tempering. Very sleek and scary blade, in the same time feels light in hand. Tsuba, fuchi and kabutogane are iron, menuki are golden cranes as far as I can tell, full wrap rayskin beneath the unusual silk under the tsukamaki. Nice silk bag for keeping katana pristine while on the move. I’ve swung it only once or ...
Mateusz Sulowski sword type XVIa, PRISTINE!  from Sword Forum International  (2018/6/29 15:09) 
Hello, unfortunately, circumstances in life change and I have to part with several precious items from my collection. One of them is a unique type XVIa sword by the renowned Polish swordsmith Mateusz Sulowski. It is an awesome piece, everyone who is familiar with Mateusz’ work knows that he is truly talented in recreating historically accurate swords with utmost respect to details and art. After a zealous waiting time, my sword arrived several months ago and I am really proud to own such a piece! Intention was to keep it as an heirloom, but other things came up in the meantime, hence this listing. If it doesn’t sell, I will gladly keep it forever! Sword is as pristine as it rolled out from Mateusz famous sturdy shipping box. Not a single fault, never cut with, sharp as it came from his hands. Truly a masterpiece and its scabbard too! The sentence “Si vis pacem para bellum” on the scabbard is in Latin and roughly means “If you want peace prepare for war”. I came with ...
Could anyone help me to identify this saber?  from Sword Forum International  (2018/6/29 8:44) 
Hello all, recently I see this saber for sale in the net, but I don´t see it in my books, could you help me to identify? Thanks a lot and cheers from Spain Attached Images                
The Noble Collection - Sword of Achilles  from Sword Forum International  (2018/6/29 7:12) 
Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone can advice a price point for a "The Noble Collection" Sword of Achilles" sword made for the release of the movie Troy in 2004. I know it's ultra rare and almost never for sale but I'm seeing prices from $270 to $1800 online and have no idea what is realistic.
For Sale: Custom A&A left-handed messer  from Sword Forum International  (2018/6/26 2:54) 
Up for sale is this custom left-handed messer by Arms & Armor. Overall length: 33” Blade length: 26” Handle length: 6” POB: 3” COP: 17 1/2” Blade Width: 1 5/8 to 7/8” Guard Width: 6” Weight: 2 lbs 8 Ounce This piece is currently at A&A. If you purchase this piece, you have the choice of either having it sent immediately from A&A, or join my place in their queue for a scabbard of your design - this is now pretty much at the head of the line, so you could have it built soon if you wish. Price is US$650; payment is via PayPal. (If you don't want a scabbard, I will arrange shipping with A&A and this will be added to the purchase price. If you do want a scabbard, they will arrange shipping with you when your scabbard is complete.) Please PM me for more information. Attached Images    
For sale: Custom A&A Fechterspiel with ring handguard  from Sword Forum International  (2018/6/26 2:13) 
Up for sale is this wonderful custom fechterspiel by Arms & Armor. This piece handles beautifully, especially for a two-handed longsword - it's very fast in hand. It has a far higher fit and finish than my Regenyeis - because of this, I haven't used it in full-contact training, and have only dry handled it briefly a handful of times. It's therefore in near-new condition. Stats (approx.): Overall length: 128 cm / 50.4 in Blade length: 96 cm / 37.8 in Grip: 24 cm / 9.4 in Hilt total: 30 cm / 11.8 in Price is US$500; payment is via PayPal. This sword will ship via New Zealand Post's International Courier. This is fast, reliable, reasonably priced, and fully tracked and insured; swords usually arrive to the US and Europe in less than a week. Please PM me for more information. Attached Images  
John Smith " Beast " Katana  from Sword Forum International  (2018/6/25 15:15) 
This is my most prized blade , all blades were used for office decor only , this blade is STUNNING !! Text to 678-983-7852 for info or email bladeworxdesigns@yahoo.com $3500 obo Attached Images          

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