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Polls List

Poll Question Total voters Total votes Expiration  
Would you travel and train on 5 acres of land dedicated to a Jedi Enclave? 3 3 2022/5/8 16:15 Results
Would you join us for a Ruffin' It Program 6 6 Expired Results
HP/MP/EXP Level Mode Vote 8 8 Expired Results
Open the specialization groups? 13 13 Expired Results
Should we re-instate a revamped Committee system similar to the old KM? 14 14 Expired Results
Should the Jedi Council be reconstituted? 16 16 Expired Results
TOTJF site survey 17 17 Expired Results
Should we set Xan (Craig) permission rank to Exile? 9 9 Expired Results
Please vote to approve or disapprove the ratification of the Knight Marshall program revision 7 7 Expired Results
Master Scythe elevated to full member and Jedi Karen demoted to alternate member of this committee. 3 3 Expired Results
What should this book be called? 5 5 Expired Results
How Healthy are you? 4 4 Expired Results
Please vote to ratify the program 2 2 Expired Results
Would you vote for Jim Fett if he ran for Chancellor ... er ... I mean President? 11 11 Expired Results
Do you think this thread is helpful? 7 7 Expired Results
To help us...Your age group...please, members only! 19 19 Expired Results
Which direction does your head of your bed face? 7 7 Expired Results
Which theory do you believe? 6 6 Expired Results
Guardian, Consular, or Sentinel? 15 15 Expired Results
What continent do you live on? 5 5 Expired Results
Do you prefer Waffles or Pancakes? 2 2 Expired Results
Should we incorporate in California? 0 0 Expired Results
Voting Rights 1 1 Expired Results
Which Episode is your Favorite? 119 119 Expired Results
Develop official uniform? 23 23 Expired Results
What is your Favorite Star Wars Episode? 79 91 Expired Results
The Temple Doctrine in Draft A is 19 36 Expired Results
We Should Have A Regular Live Council Chat Every: 13 13 Expired Results
can you? 37 111 Expired Results
Statement of Faith 7 7 Expired Results
Should this be required curriculum 6 6 Expired Results
will jedis be the furture of human evolution ? 7 7 Expired Results
Are you in favor of forming a committe to appoint a treasurer? 6 6 Expired Results
who is favorite character? 10 10 Expired Results
Is this Order worth saving? 20 20 Expired Results
Role play/scenarios for the younger members of the order? 13 16 Expired Results
A martial art for the order 9 9 Expired Results
Should we have a Jedi Prom? 12 12 Expired Results
Should we have a symbol to represent Knighthood? 13 13 Expired Results
Shoud This Be Our Trademark Temple Symbol? (Bottom of page on left). 46 46 Expired Results
General Survey for our Members 38 54 Expired Results
Should We Have A Public Directory? 0 0 Expired Results
Would a Picture Album be useful to this community? 7 7 Expired Results